Natural & Effective Cleaning Recipes

Spring Cleaning has arrived and I want to share some of my favorite DIY recipes.  I’ve tried several different recipes and the following are the ones that I find work the best and are easy to make!

Since learning how harmful most cleaners such as lysol, windex, etc. are- I’ve opted for more natural options by making my own homemade cleaners.  What is great about them is that they are not only SAFE, but they are just as effective at cleaning, and they are also cost-efficient too!

All-Purpose Cleaner


This mixture is great for an everyday wipe-down of the kitchen counters!


  • 16 oz of water
  • 20 drops of Melaleuca (tea tree) oil OR Lemon oil🍋
  • Mix ingredients together in the spray bottle and clean away!

{Price Breakdown}

Less than $2!

  • Lemon oil at wholesale price for the 15mL bottle is $0.04/drop x 20 drops=$0.80
  • Melaleuca oil at wholesale price for the 15mL bottle is $0.08/drop x 20 drops=$1.60
  • Water (priceless!)
  • Amber Glass Bottles-you can get a pack of 2 on amazon for about $12 remember this is a one time cost as you can re-use the glass bottles!

DIY Window/Glass Cleaner

DIY Window Cleaner.png


  • 1 ½  cup of white cleaning  vinegar
  • ½ cup of water
  • 10-15 drops of a citrus oil of your choice (I like lemon and tea tree oil!)16 oz spray bottle

Combine ingredients together in the spray bottle and use a microfiber cloth to clean your windows!

{Price Breakdown}

Less than $2!

  • White vinegar usually goes for approximately $2.60-$3/gallon white vinegar
    • $0.02/ oz x 12 oz=$0.24
  • Lemon oil at wholesale price for the 15mL bottle is $0.04/drop
    • $0.04 x 15 drops=$0.60
  • Water (priceless!)
  • Amber Glass Bottles-you can get a pack of 2 on amazon for about $12 remember this is a one time cost as you can re-use the glass bottles!


Stainless Steel Sink Cleaner

Stainless Steel Sink Cleaner.png

Lemon oil + Castile soap is an amazing combo to use to get rid of grit, grime and stickiness!


  • 1-2 TBSP Castile soap
  • 3-4 drops of lemon oil

Take a sponge and scrub the Castile soap and lemon into the bottom of the sink.  Let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Come back and rinse! (I had to repeat this a couple times the first time i did it, that’s how bad my sink was!)  Now my sink looks brand new! I also use this recipe for my stove top to get rid of all the grease and grime! It keeps my stove and sink looking brand new!

{Price Breakdown}

Less than $2!

  • A 32 oz of Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap is 15.99 on Amazon-$0.50/oz
    • 1oz=2tbsp ($0.50 for 2 tbsp)
  • Lemon oil at wholesale price for the 15mL bottle is $0.04/drop x 20 drops=$0.80

Homemade Soft Scrub




  • 3/4 cup baking soda.
  • 1/4 cup Castile soap.
  • 1 Tbsp water.
  • 15 drops of OnGuard essential oil!

Mix all together, store in glass jar! Pour contents into sinks, tubs, and surfaces to clean!

{Price Breakdown}

Less than $4!

  • 1 lb of Baking Soda usually goes for about $0.80-$1 depending on where you buy it!
  • 32 oz of Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap is 15.99 on Amazon-$0.50/oz
    • 2oz=$1
  • OnGuard Essential oil at wholesale price for the 15mL bottle is $0.13/drop x 20 drops=$1.95

I hope you enjoy being able to clean in a natural, safe, non-toxic way!

This post does contain affiliate links which is no extra cost to you but will help keep this blog up and running! 

DIY Body Butter


Since bringing essential oils into my life-my eyes have been opened to all the harmful chemicals in our everyday products! I’ve been trying out different recipes with essential oils including ones for homemade body lotion! This recipe is my favorite for a nice moisturizing body lotion!





  1. Put Shea butter, coconut oil, & jojoba oil in a glass bowl and then place glass bowl in sauce pan filled with water.
  2. Place on stove top and heat over medium heat until oils are mixed together
  3. When the oils are mixed place place them in the refrigerator for 1-1 1/2 hours or until solid
  4. Once solid add 20 drops of essential oil of your choice and mix with a hand or electric mixer
  5. Fill your glass jar and store at room temperature!

These are all ingredients our skin loves-and a little goes a long way! I personally added lavender oil  because I like the scent and it’s a great essential oil for skin care!

Essential Oils

There was a time where I rolled my eyes and thought “those weird oil people”, and now I am one of “those weird oil people” and I 100% unashamedly admit it! After struggling for years with acne and being handed prescription after prescription for toxic medications that DIDN’T work, I started to research natural solutions and that’s when I stumbled on essential oils! I was skeptical at first but after doing some research I decided to take the plunge and buy a kit. The only regret I have is not doing it sooner! I not only use essential oils in my daily skin-care routine, but have since replaced a lot of my beauty products and cleaning products with homemade recipes which include essential oils.

With all that being said, I am a registered nurse and not a certified aromatherapist. After extensive research on various oil companies out there, I’ve personally decided to go with doTERRA. There are a multitude of different companies out there and I encourage you to do your own research and personally decide which one you want to go with.  Where  essential oils have been shown to support certain health conditions I am NOT certified to diagnose or treat any health conditions. Please know that essential oils are very strong  and should be used with caution. If you have any health conditions, are pregnant or want to utilize essential oils with your children, please exercise caution and consult with your healthcare provider or a certified aromatherapist prior to doing so.  Please note that certain essential oils can cause photosensitivity and interact with certain blood thinner medications. Please use with caution and consult your healthcare provider prior to use.

I will be sharing how I personally use essential oils in a ‘casual way’ in my everyday life regarding personal beauty products, household cleaning products, etc.  Just because someone says essential oils can be used in a certain way or internally, it is up to you as the consumer to exercise safety and caution. It is no different then going to a drugstore and purchasing ibuprofen, it is up to you to understand the substance prior to consuming it in your body.

With that being said…

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are pure organic oil’s that are extracted from plants, roots, seeds and flowers. They are extracted  via a process called distillation.  These oil’s have healing properties that help with protecting and supporting our immune system.

What do We Use Oils For?

Oils can be used to help with:

  • emotional balance
  • sleeping issues
  • curbing your appetite and detoxing
  • skin issues
  • gut/digestive issues
  • headaches and muscle discomfort.

Essential oils can also be used in your every day household activities and are great non-toxic cleaners! Oils can be used in almost every aspect of your life.

Are Oils Just a Fad?

No! Oils are not just a fad! Oils can be traced all the way back to Biblical times and have been used over thousands of years for their healing and therapeutic qualities. They are making a comeback as now many people are again looking for safe, NATURAL,  nontoxic solutions to everyday problems. They are also the answer to long-term health benefits, not just a ‘quick, temporary fix!’ Essential oils are an amazing way to support and boost your immune system instead of immediately turning to toxic, over-the counter products.

Why doTERRA?

  • doTERRA oils are CPTG Tested.  This means there are no added fillers, synthetics, pesticides, artificial contaminants or metals in their oils. This CPTG testing ensures efficacy, purity, and consistency which each oil they produce.
  • doTERRA oil’s are also tested by a third-party. This means that it’s not just doTERRA testing their oils, but a company paid outside of doTERRA to review each oil. The 3rd party then gives the green light that the oils from doTERRA are safe, reliable and therapeutic.
  • doTERRA source’s their oils from indigenous plants. This means that they get their oils from plants that grow in their natural environment. This is very important in regards to the therapeutic qualities of each oil.
  • doTERRA also does Co-Impact Sourcing which means that they give back to the communities where they source their oils from!
  • doTERRA also has recently launched a healthcare program where research is being done to bring oil’s into the front line of healthcare as an alternative, safe option.

How do we use oils?

Oils can be used by inhaling or diffusing, topically by applying them on your skin,  and also internally depending on each oil. Oils are not just some ‘fancy smelling’ bottles, but they are used to detoxify, clean and work on a molecular level in your body. The nice aromas are an added bonus! I will guide you and give you resources on how to properly use each oil!

I want Oils! How do I start?

Glad to see that oils have peeked you interest! I’d like to firstly share that I am an authorized Wellness Advocate for doTERRA oils and am able to purchase oils you may be interested in. For any orders through my website, please contact me at and we can hold a discussion as to what your needs are so a proper recommendation can be made along with how to purchase them.

Thanks for any future support and for reading the content here on Nurse AdvoKate. It does take time and money to create  content and maintain a website like this. Any earnings I make, I reinvest into this website to continue to make quality content for you! So again, thanks.

If you do decide to purchase oils and support this site (THANK YOU!!!), the most cost effective way to do it is to purchase a kit. The various kits are explained below, but the most popular kit (and the one I started with) is the Home Essentials Kit. It has the top 10 oils to get you started and the majority of oils that are in my DIY recipes that I share. If you enroll with any of the kits, you will get you a 1-year wholesale membership and 25% any future orders for 1-year. A 1-year membership does NOT mean you have to purchase monthly. There are no monthly commitments, just 25% off any purchase you make for 1-year.  I explain the various kits and how to enroll below.

You can also simply shop the products “a la carte” and pick and choose which products you want. If you decide to go this route, please contact me so that I can assist you.

The Natural Solutions Kit


With the Natural Solutions Kit:

  • 1-year wholesale membership which allows you to save 25% on all future orders
  • NO MONTHLY COMMITMENT OR MINIMUM PURCHASE EVER! You simply can purchase your kit and reap the benefit of 25% off with your account!
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  • You will also receive AMAZING oils and the Aroma Lite diffuser in this amazing kit!!!
  • Some more of doTERRA’s amazing products including Frankincense, Balance, Serenity, Deep Blue Rub, Life Long Vitality Pack, Probiotics, Onguard Cleaning….

The Home Essentials Kit


With the Home Essentials Kit:

  • 1-year wholesale membership which allows you to save 25% on all future orders
  • NO MONTHLY COMMITMENT OR MINIMUM PURCHASE EVER! You simply can purchase your kit and reap the benefit of 25% off with your account!
  • You will get your Home Essentials kit within 3-5 days!
  • You will also receive my top FAVORITE oils and diffuser in this amazing kit!!!
  • Frankincense…King of oils!
  • Support and guidance from me every step of the way!

The AromaTouch Kit


  • 1-year wholesale membership which allows you to save 25% on all future orders
  • NO MONTHLY COMMITMENT OR MINIMUM PURCHASE EVER! You simply can purchase your kit and reap the benefit of 25% off with your account!
  • You will get your Aroma Touch kit within 3-5 days!
  • Guidance from me every step of the way!

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Then follow these directions:

When you get to page..hit “Join and Save”

(It’s the 2nd tab….do NOT hit shop! That’s retail and you will be charged a lot!!)

From there, you’ll be at a page with a chart comparison….scroll down and hit:

“Join DoTERRA”

Then it’ll populate to English and United States…hit continue

At that point, you will choose “Wholesale Customer” or “Wellness Advocate”

(The difference between Advocates and Customers is that Wellness Advocates actively Sell doTERRA and make commission. Wholesale Customers don’t sell, but reap the discounts and perks that Wellness Advocates get as well…..the only difference is that with a Wellness Advocate, you have to have a minimum of 100 PV purchase a month to receive commission. (You can always sign up as this and not  sell immediately, with no minimum monthly purchase…..but if you want to sell and make a commission, you have the monthly 100PV minimum) Wellness Advocate is  created for people who want to educate and share their passions of oils and make a commission in doing so… can move from Wholesale Customer to Wellness Advocate at any time! This could maybe be of benefit in the future! If you have any more questions on that, let me know)

Fill out all of the Info. Make sure the Enroller part says “Katie Bivona” and Sponser ID#: “4794058”.  PLEASE MAKE SURE THE ID # IS FILLED IN!

When you fill out your info, it’ll take you to the purchase page. DO NOT pick the Spanish Home Essentials kit!! Scroll over until you see the English Home Essentials Kit that is $275. (You can also purchase a larger kit: The Natural Solutions Kit, but completely your call…or a smaller kit depending on your budget like the Aromatouch!!)

Add to cart.

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Please contact me once you have enrolled! I will provide you with some resources on how to use your oils!

Please email me if you have any questions:

(Disclaimer: This Page Has Not Been Reviewed Or Approved By The FDA. I personally love and use DōTERRA Essential Oils on a daily basis. I have made the choice to use nontoxic products around my house and consume healthiest foods for my body. I love what DōTERRA stands for as a company and believe in and support their products 100%)